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Virginia Court Appointed Attorneys and Computer Forensics

At AVM Technology, we are familiar with civil and criminal cases involving computer crimes.  Sometimes, we assist enterprises in investigating incidents, sometimes we assist criminal defense attorneys representing clients accused of computer crimes.  However, many individuals accused of computer crimes … Continue reading

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Computer Forensics for Criminal Defense Attorneys in Virginia

At AVM Technology, we frequently investigate suspected computer crimes for private organizations.  As such, we have seen first-hand how computer crimes are on the rise and carry serious penalties.  On the Federal side, prosecutions under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, … Continue reading

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Computer Forensics in Alleged Child Pornography Cases in Virginia

Criminal Cases Alleging Child Pornography in Virginia – Computer Forensics Expert Criminal cases involving accusations of child pornography present unique challenges, not only for the defense attorneys, but also for the computer forensics expert. Access to the alleged child porn … Continue reading

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Computer Forensics: Can Expert Receive a HD Image Containing Child Pornography?

A frequent issue that a computer forensics expert may encounter is the forensic examination of a hard drive containing child pornography.  Although a statute forbids receiving the evidence, a defendant challenged this in a case involving computer forensics in Virginia, … Continue reading

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Spoliation and Intent to Destroy Evidence

Computer forensics involves the recovery and analysis of digital evidence.  As such, a computer forensics expert frequently encounters cases involving the concealment or destruction of evidence.  We previously discussed issues related to the destruction of evidence and spoliation  and used as example the Virginia … Continue reading

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Computer Forensics in Civil Cases – Tax Collections

A computer forensics expert can make a difference in civil or criminal cases.  Sometimes a computer forensics expert may be called upon to testify as to whether there is evidence that a party destroyed digital evidence.  For example, in a … Continue reading

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Computer Forensics in Child Pornography Cases

A computer forensics expert plays an important role in cases involving computer crimes, in particular those cases involving possession of child pornography.  Both the government and the defense will probably rely on the testimony of the computer forensics expert in … Continue reading

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